Innovative recycling

Plastic waste recycling technologies are constantly developing, as the demand for recycled raw materials is increasing. Manufacturers currently using virgin raw materials are interested in introducing recycled raw materials into production processes and raw materials.

Increasing the demand for raw materials of the highest quality to the customer, attracts the development of innovative technologies and the widening of the range of goods in the production of which can be used recycled raw materials.

Our company is making continuous efforts to provide customers with recycled raw materials through innovative technologies.

Recycling in figures

According to data provided by Eurostat in 2010, the total volume of waste generated by economic activities and households in the EU-27 amounted to 2 570 million tonnes.

The amount of waste recovered (excluding energy recovery) has steadily increased from 893 million tonnes in 2004 to 1 096 million tonnes in 2010.

The data confirms that the recycling field is on the rise, and will become an important business segment in the future.