The demand for recycled plastic raw materials has risen steadily over the past few years. More and more manufacturers have introduced in their production systems their own raw materials from recycled plastic waste. With the help of innovative technological processes, our company has managed to develop several types of recycled raw materials.

Recycled materials are used in the field of: injection, extrusion, rotomolding, blowing.
The products are manufactured on the basis of the specifications requested by the customer and are tested before being put into production.

– LDPE clear granule for film blowing;
– LDPE color granule for film blowing;
– HDPE clear granule for film blowing;
– HDPE green granules for extrusion;
– HDPE black granules for pipe extrusion;
– MDPE black micronized for rotation molding;
– PP granules for injection molding;
– PP granules for extrusion;
– Rigid PVC regrind;
– Rigid PVC micronized powder;
– Plasticized PVC regrind;
– And much more;

Our clients also benefit from consulting services regarding the characteristics of recycled materials, as well as assistance in introducing recycled raw materials into their own production lines.